How To Purchase Strollers Online

Baby strollers have been around for many years and they are by far among the most prized possessions that parents have due to all the conveniences they provide. Finding the best baby stroller might not be the easiest task since there are simply too many choices. For parents who are in the market for one of these, it is necessary to know how and where to find the best baby strollers.

Listed below are guidelines that would help parents shop for the safest and most useful strollers for their children. Also included are some suggestions on which strollers are best for specific uses, i.e. long distance travel, twins, etc.

All About Features
The best baby strollers are those that are designed for maximum utility, thus the need to be discerning when it comes to features. Among the most important things to look for are the following:

Four-Point Harness
Strapping your child properly is one of the most important things to remember when going outdoors, which is why it is necessary to get a stroller that provides adequate safety harness for the baby. The four-point harness is one that secures the child from the shoulders all the way down to the stomach area. This ensures less jerky movements if in case the stroller bumps into something.

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Storage Basket
Taking a baby out for a stroll requires carrying a number of things such as milk bottles, diapers, wipes, and other implements. To save parents the trouble of having to lug around a baby bag, it is best to have a stroller that provides space for these things in a storage basket. This feature is usually found right between the handles for easy access.

Retractable Canopy
Unpredictable weather is one of the worse things that parents have to contend with when taking their babies out for a walk. This will not be much of a concern for parents who choose a stroller with a retractable canopy, which effectively shields the child from sunlight as well as light drizzle.

Reclining Function
Comfort is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding which stroller to buy and a reclining feature would definitely be on the must-have list. A reclining stroller would allow the baby to relax more and enjoy the ride better. It also makes it easier for parents to lull babies to sleep regardless of where they might be by nap time.

Car Seat Compatibility
It is best to keep in mind that not all strollers are compatible with all car models. Knowing this, it would be wise to buy a unit that is compatible with the most types of cars, especially those that parents commonly drive, i.e. SUV, mini van, 4 door sedan, etc.

Adjustable Handle
In most cases, moms and dads take turns pushing the stroller, especially during weekends when the family is out exploring. An adjustable handle would be very helpful for parents of disparate heights since it would be easier to modify the stroller settings based on their height.

baby jogger city mini double 3Removable and Machine Safe Fabric Seat
Maintenance is such an important aspect of being a parent, which necesitates choosing a stroller with a washable fabric seat. Preferably, the fabric should be washing machine safe since it may need to be laundered more often, as in the case of spillage.

Design, Style, and Overall Functionality
Terrain Capabilities
Not all types of strollers can tackle all types of terrain, which is why it is necessary to choose the right one based on your specific needs. For instance, most lightweight strollers can only be used over certain surfaces such as smooth concrete, grass, and other smooth surfaces. On the other hand, heavy duty strollers are designed for rougher terrains such as gravel, uneven concrete, sand, and even snow.

Shock Absorbers and Handbrake
In addition to the features mentioned above, it is also important to look for strollers that are equipped with shock absorbers. This safety feature ensures that the baby will not endure the brunt of the impact, in the event that the stroller is hit. The handbrake feature, on the other hand, ensures that parents can properly control the forward and backward movement of the stroller at any given time. In some cases, you may have to stop abruptly, which can be difficult to do without the handbrake feature.

Maximum Weight Capacity
Babies grow quickly than most parents anticipate, which can be a concern when using strollers. It would be wise to buy a unit that can hold three times the baby’s current weight, since he/she will likely to grow like a weed in a matter of months. Some of the best baby strollers today have a weight capacity of 50 pounds, which suggests the use of very sturdy materials.


Lightweight but Sturdy Frame
Most parents make the mistake of assuming that heavier strollers are better because they are built using better materials. In fact, lightweight strollers are the norm these days because they are made of excellent materials, i.e titanium, which can withstand extreme weight as well as extraordinary wear and tear.

Lightweight stroller have become increasingly popular over the years as more parents prefer not to have to push a heavy and cumbersome transporter around.

Sturdy Wheels and Tires
It is also important to choose a stroller that is equipped with excellent wheels that are designed to swivel easily. The tires must also be of high quality, especially in the case of all-terrain baby strollers since they can be expected to take a lot of beating on the road.

Other Features to Consider

MP3 or Audio HookUp
Pushing around a stroller all day can be a tedious job so parents (and nannies) would naturally need something to entertain themselves with. Having a stroller that is compatible with an Mp3 player or iPod device makes things a lot easier and more entertaining.

Tray for Drinks
This would come in handy when going to the park or public playground. At some point, the baby (and perhaps even the parents) will get hungry and a tray for food and drinks would make feeding a lot easier and less messy.
When it comes to finding the best baby strollers, it is only prudent to find out as much as you can about all the available choices in the market. Reading up on reviews and consumer testimonials would also give you an idea as to which products as most popular among parents.